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Aloha, I'm ErikΔ, I enjoy beauty and want to bring more lightness and joy into everyday life.


When I came into contact with cocoa ceremonies a few years ago, I discovered that the plant harbours great potential for connecting the inner and outer worlds. Full of enthusiasm, I have dedicated myself to the valuable knowledge of the ancient cultures and tribes. Today I am happy to pass on the tradition from the old rituals and accompany you not only through the ceremonies but also through my loving being in enthusiasm, joy and wholeness. Your creativity in the encounter with yourself and with the outside world will flow by my encouragement to open your heart enabling you to manifest in an original way. In company or in silence, in dance or in dreams. I would like to accompany you with my love.


In addition to dance and the healing encounter with your body, I have also discovered and explored the connection to the voice.  It can help you immensely to get in touch with yourself, to grasp emotions and to generate more clarity. This connection to the voice and experimenting with sound led me to become co-founder of the Vocal Lab MUC. As a duet, my partner and I work with groups in a free, playful and meditative way. We explore your intuitive sound in an experimental flow with breath, voice and your sound body.


Every(t)one is welcome,

everything is allowed to be.

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