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About Mary...


I am Mary:  Exploring the world with an open heart, irrepressible curiosity and full of desire for life. If I had to describe myself in a few words, diversity would come first - on so many levels. 

I am diverse especially in the things I like to do and can do well. It all started with a design degree, during which I discovered my great interest in mental health and mindfulness. Eventually, I dedicated an entire book to the topic in my final thesis. My journey continued into the world of freelancing - relatively soon after graduating, I realized that I needed enough freedom to pursue my own ideas. 

I am driven and motivated by my big vision to bring like-minded people together at the right place at the right time. I love to create synergies and open up safe spaces for deep connections. Due to my great empathy, I can empathize well with other people and their needs and make sure that an all-around feel-good atmosphere is created.

Since I know my WHY so well, the question of HOW and WHAT no longer intrudes so much. What I want to say is that the HOW and WHAT are variables in the equation of my Purpose.
The WHAT, I am living out right now in hosting all sorts of offline events. Whether it's Singing Circles, Sharing Circles, Community Dinners or brand new formats - my ideas are limitless! And with the HOW, everything I've been privileged to learn on my journey so far is now serving me well: My design skills serve me well when I want to communicate and make my events engaging. My knowledge of mindfulness, mental health and through my coaching sessions allow me to be wholehearted - with gentleness, understanding and radiance.

Long Story Short: I am a bouquet of surprises. 
On my mission for a world where we have more connection and empathy for each other, I meet change with courage, new people with open hearts, and all experiences with gratitude.

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