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About Tam...


A German philosopher and cultural theorist (Peter Sloterdijk) put forward the thesis that people long for the security they experienced in their mother's womb. What if we find this security and familiarity again in nature? In the connection with Mother Nature, Pachamama. What if the human being can call up this state from within himself, and at any time? What if the human being always feels security and trust even in uncertain times? 


My philosophy is that man can decide for himself at any time how he wants to feel. You and I, we are such magical beings who are here on this magnificent earth to experience ourselves with and through others. We are playmates and are allowed to grow together, alone. Dancing in nature with grounding cocoa is made for this! .Cacao ignites our very own power and I am allowed to surrender to the flow each time, to let my body dance with me and be surprised at the movements it creates this time. For me, dancing is the symbol of life. Letting go, flowing. 


In all my activities - and there are a few :) - I support people to connect with themselves and/or others. They are allowed to get into their own ultimate flow! For a long time I worked as an industrial engineer and skilfully ignored my body's wisdom and the inner voice, today for me it's love instead of performance!

I am looking forward to dance with you !


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