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Über mich...


Since my early youth, I have taken great pleasure in observing people and nature in their various expressions and forms.


The feeling of this joy ignited in me more and more the desire for adventure and curiosity to explore the wide world which I always felt drawn into.

Fascinated by the immense cultural diversity and seeking for a chance to learn and integrate my skills I decided to spend five years of my life in South America. 



Even before I was able to enjoy living on the Latin American subcontinent, I had already been involved in various aspects of social integration and encounter as part of my studies in cultural economics.


In the context of various social projects, I also had the chance, to become active for the "United Nations" and had the opportunity to develop and implement new organisational and communication strategies .


At the same time, my great love for music and playing the piano made me want to intensively study the musical origins and instruments in in pre-Columbian and pre-Incan cultures and to raise my musical awareness through these elements.


Through this love of people, music, culture and nature, new levels and much wonder for the potential of human encounter emerged.

This enthusiasm was especially touched and shaped by my curiosity to visit particularly remote places with special energies.


I am happy to be part of the Joyful Nature project and to share my passion for the constructive interaction of people, nature, culture and art with  with enthusiasm and sensitivity.

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