In the "Cacao Connectivity Dance" we enjoy concentrated cacao made directly and fresh from raw organic beans that act  as a natural stimulant that allows us to open up and enter the world around us more emphatically by connecting to our heart.


This celebration is about our own acceptance, intuition and integration but most of all about the joyful exchange of positive energy through consciously experiencing the cacao combined with sound sensual connectivity to others, music and dance.


Experience the connection to yourself and to others throughout the dance and realise how you can experience a special mood trough through the uplifting effect of the cacao and the total atmosphere. 


In various playful activities we create a loving space together, where you can consciously experience your own energy as well as the energy and uniqueness of the other participants. We enjoy the beauty of trust and surrender and can reflect our emotions in the dance.


This creates a relaxed atmosphere among each other that can inspire us to perceive a different and perhaps deeper kind of encounter with our surroundings. By becoming aware of others and yourself through the power of cacao and dance, can help you to develop more self-confidence, which in turn increases charity and ultimately strengthens our ability to embrace the world.