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Cacao Connectivity Ceremony     


Raw Cacao has been used for centuries by many different peoples around the world to raise consciousness and heal both the physical and spiritual body. It is one of the oldest and most potent remedies in history.

The seeds of this wonderful Plant can increase blood flow (oxygen and nutrients) to the heart and brain and is involved in the release of feel-good endorphins. Most fabulously, cocoa contains a very magical component called phenylethylamine. This substance flows through our veins in high concentrations when we are in love.

Our Connectivity Ceremony combines a sacred Ritual in which we celebrate the healing powers of the cacao plant in a traditonal way by honouring the plant through in connecting to its spirit through a small guided meditation.


in the Connectivity part  we celebrate the joyful exchange of positive energy through activities and dance together with our body. Here you experience the delightful opportunity to feel your playful and childlike intuition and how to exchange it with others through moving and sensing each other.


Through the experience of sensual touch and movement with different partners and also in small groups, the awareness and connectedness of all participants can be raised to an incredible level of trust and closeness.


Becoming aware of these emotions together with others and eventually also by dancing with ourselves can help us to develop more self-confidence, which in turn promotes charity and ultimately strengthens our ability to interact with the world. 



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