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Joyful Connectivity Dance     

At our Ecstatic Connectivity Dance events you are invited to let go, feel your body and transform its energy into movement.

This Session offers you the perfect opportunity to surrender to intuitive and free movement in your own flow. The passion and joy of surrendering to this flow energises and stimulates the body and provides it with a lot of vitality.

Through the conscious perception of the body and its many hidden energetic layers, your thoughts become calmer and you experience a great motivational boost combined with great pleasure to feel fully alive.

To break the ice and to generate some connectivity and trust in the group we offer different activities in the warmup of the session. Here you have the chance to flow into space of trust ans unity within the group, in which you can consciously experience your own playful power as well as the energy and uniqueness of the other participants.


Through this experience of sensual touch and movement with different partners which you can optionally enjoy at the warmup  the awareness and connectedness of all participants can be raised to an incredible level of enthusiasm and closeness.

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