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At Connectivity Dance we celebrate the joyful exchange of positive energy through playful dance together.

Here you experience the delightful opportunity to feel your playful and childlike intuition and how to exchange it with others through dance.


In different activities we create a loving space together, in which you can consciously experience your own playful power as well as the energy and uniqueness of the other participants.


Through the experience of sensual touch and movement with different partners and also in small groups, the awareness and connectedness of all participants can be raised to an incredible level of trust and closeness.


Together we realise the fantastic effect of support and trust and experience how the whole atmosphere and mood can rise into a new sphere. We enjoy the connection and feel with fascination how our emotions are reflected in the dance.


Becoming aware of the power of playful dance with others and ourselves can help us to develop more self-confidence, which in turn promotes charity and ultimately strengthens our ability to interact with the world. 

Connectivity Dance can inspire us to perceive a different and perhaps deeper way of encountering people and the world around us.  Ultimately, it can help us to develop a lot of self-confidence and strengthen our ability to embrace the world we live in with an open heart. 

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