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When our world is upside down, we are receptive to miracles and healing.

Hangab is a method in which the body is pulled up very slowly and in stages by a rope on the feet into the upside-down position. In many cultures the inverted posture is used for vitalisation, opening of consciousness and centring.


The joints and organs are relieved. The self-healing powers are activated, pelvic imbalances are corrected and the intervertebral discs can regenerate.

The setting is tailored to you and your needs: Pre-talk, incense, gentle and strong massage during the slow and gradual lifting, hanging freely for as long as you like and it is good for your system.


Timur ( for more Infos about Timur click here) will accompany you in your process of inversion and catharsis with mindfulness and ease.

The session can be combined with sound healing and  ends in savasana after your body softly lands on the ground


If you can really let go, you will experience a deep and transformative process that can bring much healing and new insights.

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