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Liberate your  true joyful nature  - become aware of your freedom potential  - rejoice and glorify. 
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At most dance venues we are concerned about how we look, how people around us behave, what kind of music is playing and many other factors.

Those circumstances do not contribute to the natural way in which we could celebrate and dance or experience a free state of mind.


"Ecstatic Freedom Dance" invites you to break through these patterns and unlock energies that are often lost  through thinking or adapting.

It offers the perfect chance to move, flow and surrender without any limitations.


Through this flow of passion and joy you will  gradually observe a very euphoric space within. As you simply become aware of what your body radiates from the inside you can abundantly use this natural inner state of harmony to overcome any desires or patterns in which the mind is active.


We start the celebration with a gentle meditation in which you can observe the energy of your body before you release it to the more euphoric part of the celebration.

Eventually  you have you to share and spread some emotions that  and enjoy some united moments together by connecting to others while creating a  feeling of trust, gratitude and harmony.


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