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The essence of all  forms of being throughout existence in its purest and most source-connected form is love and joy.

When we come into this world, we begin our life in a very pure-hearted and love-connected state, in which we are masters at enjoying and experiencing  an infinite amount of patterns in almost any sensations occurring around us



With "Joyful Nature”, we want to create various healing dance and connectivity celebrations, in which we experience the sensation of returning to our common, uplifting roots, which is always present beyond our untamed and achievement-oriented mind.

By experiencing playful dance, movement, music, and healing activities we invite you to return to and rejoice in your true joyful origin in which you can celebrate the wonder of being truly alive.

Through creating places in which we can enjoy to meet and experience together, we would like to inspire you to find joyful happiness in yourself in others and in nature.

We hereby focus on:

• The healing power of nature. 

• The transforming impact of sound and music. 

• Experiencing the euphoric potential of movement and dance.

• Connecting sensually and respectfully with yourself and with others. 

Through creating this bond, and by realizing the beauty and the mystery found within and around us, we can together easily create experiences which enable us to celebrate the beauty of ourselves and all other beings around with integration, creativity, and compassion.

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