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More than 300 active ingredients have been found in the cacao seeds so far. That is more than found in any other known plant.

At all our events we offer the option to combine them with high quality raw cacao which we prepare with lots of love.

Raw Cacao has been used for centuries by many different peoples around the world to raise consciousness and heal both the physical and spiritual body. It is one of the oldest and most potent remedies in history.

Raw Cacao can increase blood flow (oxygen and nutrients) to the heart and brain and is involved in the release of feel-good endorphins. Most fabulously, cocoa contains a very magical component called phenylethylamine. This substance flows through our veins in high concentrations when we are in love.




In the sacred Urubamba Valley of Peru, surrounded by a protected and industrially untouched mountain world, a very old and at that time also for the Incas very important and healing strain of cacao exists to this day: Chuncho Urusayhua.


Many indigenous people living there have managed to preserve the seeds and the soil from the manipulation of the exploitative industry.


Therefore, the original "Chuncho" seeds, which have never been manipulated in their genetic information, are still a very precious heritage of nature.


Many of the people who live there value them as a symbol of their culture and still draw on their many healing effects on the consciousness and the body.


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