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Throughout our events we encourage you to move towards something greater together.

You are invited to move your body,  dance with your heart, silence your mind, sense your soul and eventually heal the rift between your dream and your reality  - your experience and the true potential behind it.


As we take a look at various native tribes around the globe that live in  a more naturally-connected state, we realize that there are still many  communities left on this planet  who harmoniously  integrate their true natural state of being with the world they live in. 

The use of some very simple tools and rituals allows them to return to their joyful nature.

We feel very inspired by these rituals and feel highly motivated to integrate the following activities in order to reconnect with our core and return to a more natural state of experiencing the world.





Dancing is one of the core elements used for many centuries by tribes around the whole world to reach a higher realm of perception. We consider it to be one of the easiest  and best ways to release our blocked emotions and get in touch with our inner world.

The vibration and the rhythm of sound and music stimulates our bodies and allows us to enjoy the immense and infinite realm of our emotional liveliness,  connecting us with the world around us in a very dynamic way.

In this passion our endorphin levels rise, creating positivity and energy throughout the  mental and physical body.


Free movement can help us to release tensions which  we have unconsciously picked up and stored within our bodies in order to release what no longer serves us.. 

Additionally it can help the mind to let go, relax and overcome blockages.  

When we begin to truly surrender to the music and  the rhythm we have the opportunity  to enter the deeper realms within, creating a passion for the moment.

Guided Meditation

We welcome you to enjoy guided meditations as preparation elements  to slow down our  brain activity and flow into a peaceful and relaxed state  that promotes our ability to integrate into the present moment.

It cleanses and nourishes from within and calms the overwhelmed mind, giving us the chance to emotionally return to a calm condition and allow our consciousness to become free from clinging to desires.

In this state of being content we observe the overwhelming joy of peace, when these desires are still.

This creates the space in which  the magic for everybody within the experience can happen. 





After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.

Music  allows us to harmonize our inner and outer world and connect with each other, feeling and sharing our emotions.

Within vibration, nature and silence lies the great potential of boundless connectivity.


Feel invited to celebrate the healing power of vibration by listening or  by playing your music as an artist that joins our sessions.  

Plant Medicine


Evoking energies from deep within through the infinite and immense power of various energetic plants can be  stimulating   supporters.


In order to raise the energetic structures of our life forces and to simultaneously calm our minds we use raw organic cacao and other shamanic plants and herbs that encourage mental relaxation along with an extra boost of endorphins, that helps to unravel contraction and enhance our self confidence . 

Touching  & Feeling

Through all stages of our lives, we are comforted, supported and helped by the sense of touch.


Experiencing the natural sensations of our bodies through touch and connectivity is a wonderful way to discard our inhibitions.


The power of conscious, sensitive and physical touch stimulates the release  of  hormones inherent in feelings.

These can be used to create a strong bond between ourselves and others to establish  a field of trustful unity.




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