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Experience the liberation of your own being through natural power and rhythm.


Dream- or Trance Dancing has been around for many thousands of years. It is practiced by tribes who use it as a healing tool and its roots are found within a variety of ancient cultures.


Join us for a transformative journey into your inner world that may unfold by surrendering to the power of the moving rhythms. These may guide you into a  meditative flow of movement and self-awareness.


It is performed with closed eyes ( we provide blindfolds if you have difficulties to keep your eyes closed) .This ensures that you are being moved intuitively instead of focussing on external movement.


Both Tribal and world music-influenced energetic beats as well as slow spheric sounds motivate  your awareness to the flow of energy within and create new levels of sensitivity that eventually have a strong healing effect on the body .

Eventually you have the opportunity to experience liberation of your mind and release contractions by gradually feeling more comfortable and confident in the dance and hence in your own body.


You may also develop  confidence for your own strengths, reaching a warm and embracing state of appreciation for the infinite worlds within your core.  Through this sensation you may effortlessly harmonize with the outer world.


At our "Shamanic Trance  Dances" you have the possibility to try  a sacred herbal tea made from various high quality organic plant extracts.  These, when combined, can induce  a delightful natural experience of warmth and joy. The healing power of  these sacred plants has the  ability to create a harmonious state within our  body, giving us  a feeling of inner peace and positivity at the same time.


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