The tradition of tribes dancing themselves into trance with the help of drums and rhythm dates back many thousands of years.

This dance leads you deep into your own being. You can participate blindfolded or by keeping your eyes closed during the entire dance and concentrating only on your breath, and the strong rhythm. Through the very rhythmic music accompanied by drums, you experience many transformative impulses that enable you to move freely from the inside to the outside and to feel your intuition very intensely. 

Your sensitivity for the hidden layers within you is also awakened by the partly spherical and magical sounds, which can also bring you into a very meditative flow while dancing. This has an incredibly healing effect.  You have the opportunity to completely block out the outside world and feel into your body. 

Shamanic Trance Dance helps you to generate self-confidence through the perception of your inner world. It is a traditional tool to lead you into a comprehensive state of mindfulness for the infinite worlds of your powerful existence.