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Shamanic Trance Dance

The tradition of people to dance themselves into a state of trance with the help of drums and singing goes back many thousands of years.

In Shamanic Trance Dance you have the opportunity to experience this original form of detachment in dance and to glide euphorically into the playful flow of movement of your body. 

The body consciousness is strengthened by blindfolding yourself beforehand or by keeping your eyes closed during the entire dance and surrendering only to the movement, your breath and the strong rhythm of driving percussion and loosening melodies.

Through the very rhythmic music accompanied by drums, you will experience many transformative impulses that will allow you to move freely from the inside out and to feel your intuition very intensely. 

Also your sensitivity for the hidden within you is awakened by the partly very spherical and magical sounds which can also bring you into a very meditative flow while dancing. This has an incredible healing effect.


Trance dance also helps you to generate self-confidence through the perception of your inner voice and to lead you into a comprehensive state of awareness for the infinite worlds of your inner existence.



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