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Silent Dating

Heavenly Sky
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Haven't you often enjoyed the moments of silence when in love with the world?

Can you remember the  silent force of unity that connected you to others when you sat silently in a forest clearing or on a mountain peak?


Or the silent eye contact with another person after a special happening?




We don't need words for the simple feeling of being completely relaxed in the beauty of the moment. Without words we can experience a wonderful level of consciousness and attention.


A calm mind and a trusting heart clear the way for a deep acceptance of the moment and the encounter.


Are you curious to know what encounters might look like when you experience them from this new perspective?

Do you want to experience how you perceive yourself and others from a wide open space of playful devotion?


Do you want to experience what it feels like to be present with your own feelings and let them appear in a new dimension where they don't have to be replaced by a story?


Couple Holding Hands

Join us for a  magic connectivity  experience in which we invite you to:

Get motivated by uplifting games.

Experience moments of playful touch.

Dance & connect to our core energy.

Lively up eachothers presence by consciously experiencing all senses.

 Link to our first event coming soon..

Sign up for our next event here
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