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How does it feel to simply feel, for example in the silence that captivates lovers when they look deep into each other's eyes after a touching event? Haven't you often savoured it too? The silent power of unity that has connected you with others when you have sat in silence in a forest clearing or on a mountain peak?  

Even babies marvel in silence and with wide eyes, just like a couple after an intense dance. Both are not passively silent, as if they do not want to communicate, but find themselves in a space of encounter in which feelings speak. 
Those who can perceive these feelings, which arise outside of words, are with themselves in that silent space that is the prerequisite for empathy, concentration and ultimately authentic connection.

With "Silent Dating" we would like to make you experience the precious silence and the space for connection with other people, in which sensitivity, intuition and expanded perception can lead to special unity.

Various playful encounter exercises allow you to experience the other person in a special and truthful way, leaving you speechless in the truest sense of the wordThe elements that will accompany you through our joint activities consist of joint movement and dance, pausing together through gentle touch and eye contact, as well as joint synchronising breathing exercises. You will also experience the theme of "playfulness" and "returning to your inner child" through motivating tasks. Regardless of whether or not you meet a loved one with whom you later connect further, this workshop will give you a lot of insight into different forms of encounters and also into your own nature. This can give you a lot of self-confidence and sensitivity for yourself and your fellow human beings, which can help you to remain more relaxed in everyday encounters.  


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