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My journey to the roots of my consciousness and existence began in early adolescence. I regularly retreated into a self-made cave and reached a new dimension of perceptual states with yoga, dance and the constant engagement with the unity feeling of the "Body in Motion".
I experienced that "life is movement and movement is change."
The feeling of constant change "in the now" filled me with the need to explore my body and mind further and further through the unity of experience in movement.

In my early 20's I discovered Contemporary Dance, and immediately started studying full time at the famous school "Scuola Teatro Dimitri" in the Swiss Ticino, where I was inspired by many other creative people and especially by Dimitri the Clown.
Parallel to this, I also developed an extended love for rituals that allow us humans to feel the healing and cleansing power of traditional shamanic plant medicine or the grounding power of nature. For example, the enthusiasm for the shamanic sweat lodge ritual (Temascal) also came into my li fe very early. Later, many medicine trips with natural healers in India, the USA, and on Ibiza followed.

Supported and accompanied by these many formative influences, today I enjoy very much to give people the feeling of connection through aesthetic and at the same time wild dance journeys, breathwork sessions and "Hangab".

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