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Festival Dancer


The most wonderful part of the journey we would like to take you on is not about experiencing something new that is not there already present in you, it is rather about feeling and seeing the world true a heartfelt state and cherishing your true joyful nature which is always present inside you. 

With this idea as a base, we want to create various healing dance and connectivity celebrations, in which we experience the sensation of returning to our common, uplifting roots, which are always present beyond our untamed and achievement-oriented mind. By cherishing the wonder found within each and everyone of us we carefully create loving environments in which we aim to built joy and trust in ourself and others and celebrate the miracle of being alive together.

By experiencing conscious movement through music and dance combined with guided meditations and playful group integration activities we aim to built a field of oneness and surrender in which truthful clarity and self confidence within the individual and the group can be experienced easily.

We hereby focus on:

Celebrating and embracing our differences whilst recognising our similarities.

Valuing all voices and the sharing of culture, skills and knowledge.

Building strong and transparent, truthful and respectful relationships.

Ensuring the spirit of the community or the individual we serve is always at the heart of all our work.

Believing we are all equal and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.


We welcome you to join us in creating this bond, and realize the potential we all hold to support one another and discover the endless dynamics of celebrating life together. We are also always looking for any artists or people who love to share their talents together in order to create experiences which enable us to celebratewith integration, creativity, and compassion.

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